The Urban Sprawl Effect on Regionalism

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Canada is a nation perceived by the world as a unified democratic society. However, the country is divided into separate entities. These entities make up six distinct regions, all of which are richly diverse. Throughout the years, regionalism has proven to be a strain on the country’s foundation stemming from issues surround immigration. As the population grows, Canada must address regional issues, such as the urban sprawl on a federal level. This will further help to reduce the present feeling of alienation amongst the regions and also create a fair political system. Presently, regions with high population rates are challenged by the strain of the urban sprawl. The urban sprawl defined in the The Encyclopaedia of Earth, is low density, automobile dependent developments surrounding the edges of our metropolitan city. The sprawl is steadily increasing from the rapid incline of immigration, effecting the environment and increasing health issues. Canada is said to have the highest immigration rate in the world. The Ontario immigration website has reported “In 2010, Canada admitted 280,636 permanent resident immigrants. Of these, Ontario received 118,116 permanent resident immigrants, who accounted for 42.1% of the total admissions.” With this steady rise in immigration, more and more people get streamlined into our major urban centers. The population burden on these metropolitan cities call for more attention on how to address immigration. Ontario is home to 38.7% of Canada’s Population with a land area of 967,741 km2. It is expected that over the next 25 years that number will increase to over 19 million. Families are moving further and further into urban rural areas seeking accommodation and refugee from the rise in costs, t... ... middle of paper ..., 21 August 2011, List of Canadian provinces and territories by population The Encyclopaedia of Earth, published May 11, 2009 Author United Nations Environment Programme MSN, Article Groups: Urban sprawl threatens species, 1/11/2005 Ontario, AUGUST 18, 2011 ONTARIO COLLEGE OF FAMILY PHYSICIANS, THE HEALTH IMPACTS OF URBAN SPRAWL INFOR MATION SERIES VOLUME ONE AIR POLLUTION September 2005 Science Daily, September 10 2005, Corvallis
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