The Unpredictable Events in China During the 20th

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The Unpredictable Events in China During the 20th

It is often said that those who do not listen to the mistakes in

history will often repeat them. However, in China's case the voices of

history are listened all too often. This results with actions that

contradict the Chinese Government's present position. Mainly this is

the swing between the capitalistic economy with communist politics.

The rapid capitalistic expansion happening in China is always hindered

by the politicians with distortions of bureaucracy. The demands of the

economy are in conflict with the demands of politics, this political

interference is the result of one of Mao's famous slogans:

"Put politics in command!"

The use of this policy in Hong Kong would not be well received. Thus

Hong Kong's prospering industry would feel uncertain about the

Communist rule, and what form it would take in the future.

Since the beginning of this century there has been a constant power

struggle in China. The Imperialistic Monarchy was dwindling as the

peasants became more unhappy with the Empress Xi Ci and her officials,

the Mandarins of Manchuria. The isolated China was being heavily

influenced by the "foreign devils", as many of the people took to

calling traders and peoples from far places. The most notable of these

influences was the trade relations with Britain. As Britain grew

richer with the Opium Trade, open retaliation from China brewed,

sparking the Opium wars (1839-1842). China lost the wars and

consequently in 1842 Hong Kong island was taken under British rule, as

payment for the money lost in the wars. It seemed at this point that

Hong Kong island will forever be...

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"…China will have ten times more soldiers than Japan. In the recent

period, China has launched an enormous programmes of weapons

modernisation, which involved the purchase of $1.8 billion worth of

Russian equipment. From 1993 China have increased its total military

expenditure by 98%…"

Thus it can be seen that China is growing to be a very powerful

nation, and soon even more powerful as the latest technology is being

developed by Hong Kong. Trade agreements (or the threat of the bullet)

would ensure that this technology is shared. The future of Hong Kong

seems very uncertain as they possibly could never match this military


As many times before the swing between communism and capitalism are

seen, it may be that the swing next time could be disastrous for Hong

Kong and the West.
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