The Unnatural Symbolism In Shakespeare's Macbeth

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“But in a sieve I’ll thither sail,/ And like a rat without a tail,/ I’ll do, I’ll do, and I’ll do” (1.3.8-10). Shakespeare 's Macbeth was thoroughly filled with similar supernatural spells, along with unnatural creatures and apparitions. In the play, Macbeth is characterized as an evil, vindictive tyrant. Macbeth 's brutality towards those closest to him including: Lady Macduff, Banquo, and Dunacn; initiate and continue the frequency of the physical evil that is disrupting the natural world. The supernatural theme in Macbeth is extremely prominent throughout the play. Shakespeare 's use of supernatural accents are used to create an eerie, ominous motif. While the unnatural events were wildly admired due to its uncanniness, Shakespeare used…show more content…
Banquo 's ghostly appearance and the presence and involvement of the witches. The supernatural theme in Macbeth accentuates and defines the symbolism, along with its meaning. The unnatural events in Macbeth have been typically briefly summarized to foreshadow future events. While these occurrences in Macbeth have been used as foreshadowing techniques, they were prominent, important symbols. The disturbances in the world following Duncan 's murder were created to represent and manifest the abstract evil that was real eased into the world. This also adequately depicted the chaos and disorder Macbeth 's actions created by disrupting the balance of good and evil, along with the natural order. The ghostly appearance of Banquo denoted the misconceived feelings of guilt residing in Macbeth. Banquo 's visit to Macbeth intense feelings of regret Macbeth possessed regarding his conscience about assassinating his closest friend. The weird sisters in Macbeth were used to physically illustrate the evil darkness festering inside Macbeth. The gnarled sisters ' appearances were visual representation of the similar lack of humanity between the witches and Macbeth. While the supernatural in Macbeth was used to create uncanny, attention- grabbing details in Macbeth, their main purpose was to be used as symbolism for the abstract and concrete evil in the
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