The United States vs. USSR

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The United States and the USSR emerged as super powers after WW11. The two countries were now the two most powerful nations on earth, but they had severe differences in policies and this led to a standoff between the two countries, a standoff which came to be known as the Cold War. At first the countries engaged in ArmsRace supremacy. Each nation wanted to create the most powerful bomb.A few years after another race began. It was a race for control of the outer space. This became known as the Space Race a period which lasted from 1957 to1975. The Space Race became a symbol of the political contest between two enemy world powers. For years the two super powers devised and plotted means and ways to get ahead of each other. Finally in October 1957, the USSR launched Sputnik into space. Thus began years of rivalry for control of outer space called the Space Race. This paper seeks to answer the question of which country won the Space Race.
The answer to the question of who won the Space Race might be controversial, and it all depends on who you ask the question.It is an understanding that “mankind’s access to new frontiers has always been a major factor in in the future success of societies that exploited the opportunities when they arose ”(Richardson). The United States was obsessed with space technology flexing its muscles at acquiring more arsenals albeit to expand supremacy. The world watched as the two super powers rivaled each other. Russia had won the lunar battle but the race was far from over (Reeves 42). America was furious and started a propaganda that since the USSR had the capability of propelling a satellite into space no telling they could do severe harm to the United States by sending nuclear weapons from space and ...

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...?NASA’s advancements in technology continues to generate billions of dollars, provide employment to numerous people and most importantly ,save lives. Today we see more and more young people taking up careers and jobs in the field of science.
The Cold War was one of the most tensed times in the history of the world as the two super powers brought the world to the brink of war on several occasions. America came away from this period as a much more technological developed country. Peter Dickens in an article titled, Who Really won the space race, stated that “the conventional account says that the Soviet Union had an early lead but the United States “won”[6] (monthly review). Some people will say that the USSR won the Space Race, however there's evidence that this never happened. It is clear that United States won the space race with NASA and came away with NASA as its
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