The United States as a Global Police Force

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If you had to choose a nation to take on the power of protecting the world basically as a global police force who would you choose to take on this big responsibility? Well most of the countries are choosing the U.S. well the troops feel different on this topic they feel like it is not our duty to try and solve everyone else’s problem. They also need to help with issues that this is needed and we are the best trained and best equipped to react to any scenario. Because the united states is making two new brigades that are trained to resolve issues without violence and to depend more on social skills but still trained well enough to fight in a pinch, and we have thousands of troops deployed already as peacekeepers which are basically global police. So we already have a start on the job but what about the cost who is gonna even the costs so we arent losing money. But is the cost of all this worth it the cost of human lives worth everyone elses protection how do the men in uniform feel about being a global cop when there country is not in harm some of them feel like this “troops have a hard time dealing with the fact that their missions represent no clear threat to our national interests making it more difficult for them to be separated from their families for long periods of time”. (O’Meara) As stated before some soldiers feel this is not there job they did not join the military to be a cop they joined to be a soldier and protect their freedom no one elses. They think that a global police force would be a good thing but they want it to be a job you sign up for cause they just want their freedom to be protected cause they think it is not what they signed on for. The reason in the past 20-25 years this has become a big deal because of the past terrorist attacks, so they want to keep the terrorist groups under control. The next issue that came up is our defense budget, if we became the global police force then it would cost us a lot of money like it already does “the U.S. defense debt is more than $280 billion more than $1000 for every man, woman, and child in the united states”.

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