The United States Of The Automotive Industry

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When it comes to the automotive industry, the United States of America was at the top. It reigned supreme with the biggest percentages of sales coming from the “Big Three” car companies: General Motors (GM), Ford, and Chrysler, with the smaller percentages of sales coming from other brand names from different countries.

Today, moreover, is a different story. According to CBS, “market shares are falling for all three companies as follows: General Motors: 28.2% to 17.6%, Ford: 24.1% to 14.7% and Chrysler: 15.7% to 12.7%”. General Motors was and still is in big trouble, with the news saying that they suffered from many recalls and lawsuits because the ignition switches were faulty, airbags were defective during crashes, among many other problems. It had gotten so bad for the popular and successful automotive chain that they had to take to all forms of social media to look up and solve all customer issues. When foreign brand named car companies, such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan Mercedes Benz and Hyundai got wind of this, they saw this as their chance to move in and profit off of business in the US. This way, these new companies can gain the trust of potential customers that General Motors lost.

As time goes on, technology will always update, and the automotive industry is no exception to this. When cars were first being made into production, they were very practical. They were made with the purpose of traveling from Point A to Point B in mind and as a faster mode of travel than, say, a bike or a horse. As accidents started to happen, airbags and other safety features were added. Then (and now), along with more safety measures, car companies wanted to focus more on luxury, the look of the car, and what could be ...

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I do worry about some of the newer cars, especially now that they have computer systems in them and they’re also working on making self-driving cars. Computers can easily be hacked, so I don’t want someone hacking my car, taking control of it and driving me somewhere that I don’t want to go or potentially killing me. As for the self-driving cars, something could go wrong and the car not work or crash. I think that once automotive companies have a set plan to deal with issues like theses, these newer high tech cars will be more trustworthy to the public, which will make the car companies more trustworthy to present and future customers.

In my opinion, the automotive industry has changed the way that we all travel by land and is an industry that is always constant and it will never die out as long as people need a faster way to get to places.
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