The United States Is a Secular Society

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to construct their curriculum according to their standards and beliefs, because to not be allowed to do so would be to go against their freedom to choose for themselves (Pennock, R. T. Should Creationism Be Taught in the Public Schools). The Constitution is clear on that point.

It is true that for a long time even after our Constitution was put into place people seemed to generally feel that creationist ideas that coincided with the Bible should be intergrated with the lessons of public schools. For a long while this majority rule lasted, decades upon decades, but then eventually the law begun to be challenged by those who knew and understood the law for what it is.

In 1925 the first legal battle of evolution versus creationism in schools would take place, The Scopes Trial (Cornelius, n.d). It was a spectacle to behold being that the Defendant, a substitute teacher named John Scopes was recruited by a businessman named George Rappleyea. He was recruited because Rappleyea wanted someone to challenge the Butler Act, and he was willing to pay well to get a teacher to openly oppose it.

The Butler Act (Butler Act, 1925) was a law passed in Tennessee in 1922, that prohibited public schools the denial of the Bible as man’s origins. The Butler Act was a clear violation of our Constitution. In 1925, Rappleyea backed by the ACLU would pay Scopes to openly teach Darwin’s theory on evolution instead of the Bible’s. John Scopes was arrested on account of violating the law and the trial went to court.
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