The United States During World War I

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After World War I, the United States as a country suffer a great amount from the aftermath of this iconic war. This period, known as the Great Depression, is where the country suffered through many economic and social problems. Millions of people were out of jobs because businesses couldn’t afford to have workers and this created social chaos and frustration throughout the whole nation. Even before World War I started, the U.S. had the mentality of being an isolationist country and never wanted to get involved with other problems happening in surrounding countries. They carried the same attitude towards World War II, until the Japanese and German started to show signs of aggression towards our country. To explain the factors that led the United States involving itself in the war, we must look at the factors on what made the U.S. react and break their isolationist ideology. The factors that led the U.S. to engage in one of the biggest wars of the world were national security, democratic values, and economics. These factors describe what the U.S. stood for and why it was pertinent for us to be involved. At first, the people of the United States were worried a little bit about their democratic values being threatened by the Japanese and German aggression but not enough to engage in war just yet. This is mainly because of what Hitler and other communist countries were doing during this time, which was to wipe democracy from the face of the earth[]. However, the only way they could achieve this is if they could go through or take over Great Britain and France, which were two of the biggest allies of America. During this conflict overseas, America was still engaging in isolation mode. The U.S. did not allow any Jews to enter the countr... ... middle of paper ... anyway because they had an isolationist mentality. No reason was valid enough for United States go all out in the war until it felt threaten direct. Although it might have seemed that America was keeping itself isolated, Franklin Roosevelt devised an amazing plan to make sure that there was not a slight chance that the United States was not prepared for the war. He took a huge step to protect the national security through economic and social aspects. He did such a good job that when it was time for the nation to become involved, it was prepared and ready to fight. All these factors completely express the united states’ reaction towards the German/Japanese aggression by reflecting the union of our nation under a good leader. Through our democratic-based government, we were able to understand what we needed to do and use this information gain prosperity and victory.

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