The United States ' Declaration Of Independence

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The 1770’s through the 1780’s in America was a time full of change and the building of a nation. In 1775 the Revolutionary War broke out. This marked the thirteen British colonies’ declaration of being independent from Britain as they took their places as the first thirteen states of the United States of America. Before this, the colonies had been ruled and governed by a king on the other side of the ocean, giving way to the ability to take the land for themselves without a king. About one year later the Declaration of Independence was signed into effect by the political leaders of each state. The declaration was more of a call to arms for a rebellion to encourage individuals in the states to join in the fight rather than a structure for the new government. It was an Idea that the people could one day see as a reality. However, the suggestion that everyone was equal, entitled to their own life, and liberty as well as ability to govern over themselves with lawful power became the backbone of what was latter known as the Constitution of the United States of America. In 1777 the Artic...
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