The United States Constitution: The Second Amendment To The Constitution

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The Second Amendment to the Constitution provides Americans the right to bear arms. Certain groups are avidly trying to amend this right that was fought for by our fore fathers. Many sources have given ample evidence to support the fact that gun control will not stop crime or killings. As the Founding Fathers of America were deciding which type of government would work best in the new land, many people grew frightened at the thought of having no form of defense from a possible army controlled by a centralized government. This tension would soon be lightened because the Constitution would provide a way of protection. “The Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787. It was signed in what was once known as the Pennsylvania State House. Thirty-nine men…show more content…
In 1789, twelve proposed amendments to the Constitution were conducted from the First Congress. Now there was a new issue on the rise. It was now time to decide if it was better for the country to have state militias for and by the people, or for a national army. “Before addressing arms and the militia in the Bill of Rights, however, the Constitution inhabited two militia clauses. These clauses state that our Congress will have the power to give support to a militia and it states that certain laws are excluded from this militia. It also states that Congress should help repel invasions, to provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the militia, and for overseeing them as workers of the United States.” (Johnson). Since the Constitution was written, it has been considered a tradition in the United States to own a
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