The United States Army and Globalization

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Globalization simply put, is a process which involves connecting various locations around the world. Globalization is already a process, which affects our economics, politics, and culture. The future effects of Globalization on the military environment at both the Strategic and Operational level has already started but we can expect more changes, as Globalization continues to take hold of the world as a whole. The Strategic goals of the United States Army have remained consistent for many decades, relevance and readiness. The security challenges of the new century are testing our force in ways we have never experienced before, and will continue to change as Globalization spreads amongst our Allies and enemies. The emergence of unconventional warfare and the asymmetric threats we now face around the globe is stretching the capabilities of not only the Army but all branches of the Armed Forces. Our strategy must adapt to the changing environment and take into account the effects of Globalization. Prior to World War II, the United States was not considered to be a big spender on military might which some say left us vulnerable and unprepared for the global war to come. The political policies of isolationism left little room for a ready and capable standing force. Of course the war changed our policies as well as our strategic goals and the buildup which followed created the foundation of the larger footprint we now have around the globe. The Strategic environment which we are faced with today, may not be consistent with the current capabilities of our military force, and because of the effects of Globalization we have already begin to transform our focus. It is paramount that this transformation concentrates on improving ... ... middle of paper ... ...eloped nations are experiencing a population explosion. The population growth in undeveloped countries could lead to expansionism when leaders are confronted with lack of food and water shortages within their own borders. The world’s populations are moving around rapidly, from one country to another, creating diversity but at the same time exporting cultural differences to a wider variety of places than before, creating the potential of further dislocations and more troubles. Economics have also played a role in the changing Operational Environment. The recent economic downturn and resulting financial crisis will continue to be significant events in the future changing environment. In the United States case, our foreign debt continues to grow, and the Trade Deficit between other countries is exponential. Works Cited

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