The United States And The Soviet Union

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After the independence in 1945 Korea was divided into two by the United States and the Soviet Union. They decided to dismember Korea into two parts by agreeing to separate occupation zones on either side of the 38th parallel. It was the beginning of the division of Korea, which has lasted until now. However since the division of Korea was a complex case, the question of responsibility for the consolidation of the division into two rival Korean states between 1945 and 1948 has been a hotly debated issue. This writer argues that three major states all have the responsibility for Korea 's division. Three major states are the United States, the Soviet Union and Korea itself and these countries are in order of great responsibility. The United States is most responsible for Korea 's division and also the consolidation of the division. It was the United States who first proposed and the partition of Korea to the Soviet Union. In addition, at the conference, which was led by the United States during the wartime, they did not agree to the immediate independence of Korea but decided to impose trusteeship rule on the Korean peninsula. Because of this, Korea 's problem became a global issue regardless of Korea 's opinion and political struggle between right-winger who disagree with trusteeship and left-winger who agree with trusteeship was developed. Furthermore, even though they first proposed and proceed the division they tried to restore by holding the Joint-Soviet-American Commission. However, both the United States and the Soviet Union have a responsibility for the breakdown of negotiations. Both sides struggled to take the advantageous position and then came to a standstill. While the Soviet Union tried to exclude the... ... middle of paper ... ...nt is trying to push ahead it reacting to the North Korea 's missile launch. What is the problem is that foreign countries continuously intervene and interrupt Korean governments ' policies. United States, China and Russia intervene in this situation and require different things respectively. Korea is always sandwiched between stronger powers in all ages. Some people have a point of view that this circumstance can be developed as the new Cold War. This writer urges all the countries that same mistake should not happen. Each foreign countries has to consider what they did in the past in Korea and try not to repeat the same situation again. South Korean government also has to try their best to solve this situation without being influenced by foreign countries. Lastly, North Korea has to stop provoking serious situation and realize that it is time to coexist peacefully.

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