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There have been several documents that have been made to try to maintain order. For example, the United Sates has gone through several documents to try to find a strong national government and has finally found it with the Constitution. The Constitution plays an important role in the United States because it has helped maintain order by dividing the government into separation of powers and federalism to restrict the government from becoming a tyranny. Another system that has helped other countries that focus on industrialism is the Parliamentary system. This system is made to have only one party governing, distinct from the Constitution. Both systems are very similar yet different in their own ways but have had suitable results in their own countries. On July 4,1776 the United Sates of America became an independent nation from Great Britain. Not only that, it is also a day that symbolizes the Declaration of Independence, thirteen separate states declaring independence. The United Sates has had many governing documents throughout the years, but all have lacked a strong unified central government. In 1776 the United Sates had to come up with a system that would substitute the British system. At the Second Continental Congress, a convention of delegates from the thirteen original states, in 1777 the Articles of Confederation was adopted but did not get ratified until 1781. In 1789 the Articles went into effect, but shortly after that, Americans agreed that the Articles were failing. The government was giving too much authority to the states, they discriminated against each others citizens, they refused to abide by the decisions of Congress, they imported tariffs on goods imported from other states (Paulsen and Paulsen 8), national... ... middle of paper ... ... discuss bills and issues. The member of the House of Commons are all elected unlike the members of the House of Lords that inherit their title or are appointed by the government. Lastly, the job of The House of Lords is to modify bills and evaluate the work of the government. Both the presidential and the parliamentary systems are good systems that have governed throughout the years but the one that is best in my opinion is the Constitution. Contrasting the Constitution, the parliamentary system in an indirect system in the way that the only thing chosen by the people is the party. When the majority of the party is chosen so is the Prime Minister, and the Prime Minister chooses the cabinet. Also, in a presidential system the President and Congress can have different political party preferences. This is helpful so the different branches can serve as a check method.

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