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Is there any poet that can be categorized under one certain poetic style? Does the name
Pablo Neruda sound familiar? Well, this Hispanic poet, Pablo Neruda, cannot be categorized under a certain poetic style because his poems embodies various styles of writing. Pablo
Neruda’s poems range from the topics of love to the topics of death. “Fully Empowered,”
“Tonight I Can Write,” and “The Heights of Macchu Picchu” are three poems that contrast in themes, styles, and tones.
“Fully Empowered," “Tonight I Can Write," and “The Heights of Macchu Picchu” have various themes, but not one of these poem’s theme is the same as the other’s theme. In “Fully
Empowered,” the theme is about the creativity when writing a poem. Literary critic Bryan
Aubrey says that "Fully Empowered" is a "relaxed, confident, and buoyant poem in which
Neruda is able to access his creativity" (46). Neruda spends the majority of his life writing poems at times when he feels emotions are starting to build up inside of him. One emotion he feels was the love and passion he had for someone he loved, which led him to writing “Tonight I Can
Write.” This poem’s theme focuses on letting someone go because it is the right thing to do. In line 31 of “Tonight I Can Write,” Pablo Neruda says, “Though this be the last pain that she makes me suffer.” He means that he is finally letting her go and believes that this is the last pain he will endure from his lover. Pablo Neruda was a strong man, but also, literary critic Marisa
Anne Pagnattaro says that the he was tormented when his lover was placed into another man's hands. Many of Pablo Neruda’s readers can infer that Neruda is a very caring man. In canto 7 of
“The Heights of Macchu Picchu,” Pablo Neruda gr...

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