The Unimpeded Great Disastor

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People will never be as amazed as that first moment they get online and learn about the large amount of twelve-year-olds who have plundered their mother. Whether it is an online video game or a website of any kind, there is an Internet troll waiting to judge without reason or concern. An Internet troll, if still not widely known, is a person who will only insults another person online. Unlike most racial prejudice, they are judging another person based upon the way they communicate online or the way they talk verbally over a microphone. Even without that knowledge they judge another person without mercy. Though what we may consider prejudice varies, it can be safely called a judgment made with only their first and often uninformed impression in mind.
Prejudice is a great disaster to hit the online community. It is because of their ability to remain anonymous that their crimes can go unpunished, but not every act of prejudice can be considered a crime. defines prejudice as, “An unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason” ( 1). It is an opinion formed without knowledge of another person. Racism is one of the more common forms of prejudice in society and laws exist to prevent the spread of racism. Mostly this is because racism is an unfavorable act, like prejudice as a whole. However, not all prejudice is banned. To ban all prejudice is to ban freedom of speech, a cornerstone of the American lifestyle. Instead, we have to look for this middle ground. We have to teach the younger generation that it is not okay to do such things to the mothers of the world because that can be just as hateful as racist crimes. Not all forms of prejudice can be considered a crime b...

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...ic to discriminate against people with a different color of skin, people who hold a different gender, people who follow a different religion, and people who love the same gender. Let us not forget that all of this can be combined and mixed on the Internet – a cease pool of prejudice and ignorant thinking. Prejudice, as we can see in example after example, has allowed us to treat other people as they are less than human, but they are not, they are a human being like everybody else on this planet. Steps can be taken to a truly equal world, but they are steps that must be fought for each and every time. We must especially take steps to make sure we are ourselves never prejudicing, because then we are not better than the people who have done it in the past. Whenever next on the Internet, please do refrain from plundering somebody else’s mother because that is prejudice.
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