The Unification of Europe

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The Unification of Europe

Liberation is more than just a country freeing themselves from a colonial power or a suppressing leader. It is a state of mind, freeing oneself from what one might have thought or been taught to think in the past. In Europe’s case the people will no longer belong to a single country in particular such as France or Spain. Now they belong to the European continent as a whole. With the liberation of the Europeans minds to new ideas and a world of opportunity and progress, it could very well lead to the creation of a super power for centuries to come.

The European Union has a population that has about 160 million more people than that of the United States ( With their willingness to work together the sky is the limit for this union of countries. There were some doubts about what would happen with the addition of 10 new member states and what could happen to them as well as the old members economically. Would these new members drag down the prosperous European economy? The answer to that is no. Economically the gains are quite clear for these new EU member countries. Last year they saw their collective GDP rise 5 percent, from the 3.7 percent the year before. Further more many economists are predicting further increases of more than 4 percent in the year of 2005. With this rapid increase of GDP it is increasing at more than twice the rate of the old 15 European Union members. Individually these countries have also been having great economic success. Latvia’s GDP is estimated to have grown around 8.5 percent. Not to mention that half of the new member countries have had more than double the increase than that of the average increase for EU countries which is about 2.4%. (

Even though China is being foreseen as the next true super power due to their population and rapid increase in industrialization, but in these next years it could be Europe which will finally pass the United States as the worlds top power. The reason that it will be Europe is that all of these countries have already been industrialized for quite some time now and they are just starting to reach their potential. Now with all of the new member states many companies and countries are more willingly investing their money into the countries of Eastern Europe.