The Unethical Nature of Affirmative Action

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The concept of race is not supported by factual evidences. The color of the skin does not have any relevance to the physical and intellectual capacity of an individual. History tells of how people fabricated race for political purposes, to instill obedience upon those they struggled to dominate. That is not the case today. People of color are now protected under the law; they are entitled to equal opportunities with the white. On the other hand, there are people who appear to overdo their observance of equality. When they are supposed to disregard color in their selection practices, they tend to place applicants from ethnic minorities in their preferred list, which of course is not fair for the white. Yes, it does bring good results, but it is not ethical. Affirmative action in itself is racist.
There are many reasons why affirmative action in favor of ethnic minorities is racist. First of all, it violates Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by discriminating against the white. Equal opportunities denotes that no one is to receive special consideration based on ethnic background, but by affirmative action, people of color get a head start in the selection process. Second, racial preferences are meant to help the disadvantaged. Affirmative action insinuates that people of color are inferior, and therefore cannot compete fairly with the white. Lastly, affirmative action tends to be an insult to ethnic minorities on account that they are selected not for their ability but for their color. In this manner, people of color are not given the impetus to improve themselves, or to show what they can do.
Affirmative Action as Discrimination Based on Race
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...d not by their competence but by their race.
Affirmative action is not ethical because it is against the law on equal opportunities. When it is supposed to help the disadvantaged, it instead suggests that people of color are inferior and therefore need special privileges in order to succeed. Affirmative action also offends the ethnic minorities on account that they are not allowed to compete head to head with the advantaged group. On the other hand, not all that is about affirmative action hurt the white. It helps remove conscious and unconscious stereotypes that affect both races. It also sets the stage for fairness when everyone regardless of color is given the chance to prove themselves. Unfortunately, this could only happen when it concerns people from ethnic minorities who have equal abilities, or rather the initiative to get qualified for the desired position.
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