The Underworld

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The Underworld

In Dorris Lessing’s story Jerry goes through the tunnel into his own

life. Use this as a basis for your own piece of imaginative writing

which has as its pivot an experience which transforms, or changes,

your central character. Describe this event, or experience, as its


The boy in the dark hooded jumper knew he made a mistake, yet he sat

deep in the dark, forgotten carriage of the underground. As the

hourglass of the journey started to run, the forgotten carriage sank

deeper and deeper into the endless, forsaken underworld. As people

walked past him, they gave him a sort of unforgiving look. That was

probably because of the way he hunched his shoulders forward, making

him look some how mysterious and hazardous. He looked older than

fifteen and was well built. He had green eyes that were like

glistening emeralds in the sun.

His name was Brian Matthews. His parents had died in a most

devastating car crash when he was nine and since then he has lived

with his atrocious aunt in South London. The flat that they lived in

was not big or smart. Brian dropped out of school so that he could

help his aunt earn money in order for them to have a home.

All of a sudden the tube jolted so hard that Brian fell forwards like

a book falling from its place.