The Unbalanced Scale Between Men and Women

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The Unbalanced Scale between Men and Women
Over an extensive period of time, the issue concerning gender has “consistently occupy the media and the public mind.” (Correll 20). It has established beliefs about the roles of men and women as a whole. “A man is expected always to be strong, impervious to pain, and especially to emotional stress, dominant in the role of lord and master; a woman is expected to be docile, submissive, passive, fulfilled in the role of subordinate.” (Fremon 129). It has been concluded for the longest time that women are the inferior gender, biologically, psychologically and socially. For many people, it is normal for women to be gender typed and never realize the prejudices underlying into it. They are judged with no regards to their needs and abilities. This oftentimes causes pressure, apprehension, and a feeling of inferiority, toward themselves. Susan Glaspell’s “A Jury of Her Peers” and John Steinbeck’s “The Chrysanthemums,” create a literary consciousness, showing how gender stereotyping causes impacts on women’s psyche.
Society has created an idea held as a standard for the majority especially about gender. It draws a bold line that separates the rights and capabilities between men and women. Comparable to Susan Glaspell’s, “A Jury of Her Peers”, the influence of her literary work hasn’t surfaced to the crowds’ immersion until her peers, women, rediscovered it among the vast number of literary works by men. Her story “makes the point that women have not been perceived as the peers of men and therefore their work has not been evaluated with the respect automatically given to that of male authors.” (Rollyson).
In Glaspell’s story, there was a discrete representation on the roles men and women should...

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...ey are both burdened by the stereotypes and branded as the inferior gender at varying intensities. The two authors were able to raise the awareness of how gender typing has caused conflicts in women’s inner self and character.

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