The Unavoidable Industrial Revolution

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From 1750-1830 the Industrial Revolution changed the society and when the society changes so do the individuals. In the Industrial
Revolution many farmers would fence / close up their land and get machines to do the work for them. That causing many farm-workers to loose their job and move to the cities and to work in factories. It did have many negative and positive effects on the society. But I think the Industrial
Revolution would have happened sooner or later anyway.
The positive effects that it had were that the world became more modern and some people really did benefit from it.
Many farm owners earned more money this way. And they didn’t need to use child labor in the fields anymore. The most important thing it accomplished is that the women had the opportunity to work in places other then the house and to get paid for it. But on the other hand it did have many negative effects too. Many of the factories were very dangerous and they paid very poorly. Because the family didn’t get enough money for living with only the parents working many children had to work too. The children got only 1/10 of the money what a grown man earned. The work was hard and the conditions were very dangerous and the children got hurt often. The children had to work long hours about 8-12 or even sometimes 15 hours a day.
Because they didn’t get enough money to buy food they became very sick and tired and that caused many accidents to happen. This all could be changed by making child labor illegal. Because children aren’t supposed to be working in dangerous factories. They should be in school or just be kids. Another thing they should change is the working
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