The Ultimate Hollywood Beauty: Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe, a woman whose name was a synonymous for Hollywood beauty, had a bold side to her (“About Marilyn Monroe”). It wasn’t just her looks that just made her popular it was how she stood up for herself in situations. Many decades after her death in 1962, at the age of 36, Marilyn Monroe’s reputation and popularity have not wavered at all. Marilyn Monroe, a beautiful yet confident woman, made a bold statement with her sex appeal and fashion on how women should be confident about their own bodies and not be looked at as just a child bearer.
Marilyn Monroe started her career with twenty-nine films all together, in which twenty-four were made in the first eight years of her career (“About Marilyn Monroe”). She was a hard worker and once she set her mind to something she got it done. Most of her works, whether it be; music, photography, film making or film producing was considered as “classical” pop culture since it was in that time period (BILLEN, ANDREW). “People say that she used to look out her bedroom window at the tall RKO Studios sign and think, “My mother used to work there, someday, i would like to be a star there” (“50 Years Later Marilyn Monroe Still Influences Fashion and Beauty”).
Marilyn got her talent from an avid movie fan, her mom Glady Mortensen, whom she looked up to as a role model (“American National Biography Online: Monroe, Marilyn”). With her perfect complexion, dazzling smile and big blue/ gray eyes, many people knew she was a star from birth (“50 Years Later Marilyn Monroe Still Influences Fashion and Beauty”). Grace Mckee, the woman who took care of Marilyn once her mom wasn’t able to anymore, said to her, “Don’t worry Norma Jean. You’re going to be a beautiful girl when you get importan...

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