The Ugly Side of Facebook

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Facebook: the not so pretty side of it
Everyday people’s grades fall, are cyberbullied, or are exposed to inappropriate content, or even put themselves in danger because of Facebook. 38 percent of victims from frequent cyberbullying thought or committed suicide in 2013.().Because of distraction, Facebook caused many kid’s grades to lower because they spend less time studying and more time scrolling on their computers and clicking “like” on a friend’s pictures. Studies have shown that Facebook users spend 11 hours studying and working on academic work while non-users spend 15 hours. Many children are exposed to inappropriate content, like, advice on eating disorders, Facebook can be a good cite, but for only people who can use it properly. One reason kids should not have Facebook accounts at an earlier age than 15 is due to distraction.

Many kids get home and turn their computers on, and log onto their Facebook accounts to look at a friend’s pictures and read comments. Going on Facebook is not a productive, it can become addictive and then it can be hard to give-up that addiction. With Facebook being distracting to college students, it can become even more distracting to younger students. Marcus Messner, a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, agrees Facebook to be distracting, “when I taught my lecture with 200 students in the classroom, I found Facebook to be distracting.” (Sept. 10, 2012.) Facebook users spent less time and therefore, had had lower GPA’s; Facebook users had an average of 20% lower GPA than non-users. Chloe Yuan, student at Virginia Commonwealth University had to shut her account due to distraction, “I realized how distracting it was from academics , so I forced myself to kind of ...

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...acebook hurtful comments can be said of one another and cause feelings to get hurt. Facebook can be an amazing cite if used properly.

In conclusion, Facebook is a cite that is a harm to millions of people in America and around the world, because it is a tool for cyberbullying, causes distractions and exposes children to inappropriate content. Cyberbullying is a major problem in the world and will increase if we do not go on cites being mature and not intending to hurt anybodies feelings. Facebook is a major distraction because there are friends who are connected and want to chat. Finally, exposure is probably as important as cyberbullying because viewing advice about committing suicide or have an eating disorder is not healthy. Technology is becoming more common, and if we do not use these tools properly there will be huge consequences in the long run.