The USA Patriot Act and Civil Liberties

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1257 words

The USA Patriot Act and Civil Liberties September 11, 2001 sparked many different feelings into the hearts of Americans. People sprang into action to seek revenge and protect America’s precious soils from another deadly attack by reinforcing America’s strength through her government. The men and women of Congress retaliated to the terrorist attacks by drafting and passing the USA PATRIOT Act on October 26, 2001, which stands for “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism.” The bill was moved through Congress with amazing speed and little hesitation. After the passing, the unsuspecting citizens of America were bombarded with many new rules and regulations that have greatly become a threat to the civil liberties, and the First Amendment itself. The people of America have planned out different ways to comply and/or soften the PATRIOT Act. The American Library Association, Senator Feingold, Firstlogic Financial Advisors, and the House of Representatives have taken steps to aid America in retrieving her freedom. Obviously, some of these sources are really passionate about totally wiping out the sections that deal with them, while others are just trying to soften the sections that pertain to them. The American Library Association The American Library Association has taken drastic measures in making sure that the sections devoted to monitoring library activity in the PATRIOT Act become erased. When it comes to the PATRIOT Act, it’s not that the ALA is unpatriotic, they too believe that the government has the right to protect the people, but the ALA doesn’t see why the government should have the power to suppress knowledge and informati... ... middle of paper ... ...ies” (MoFo). It’s like the Superman of anything money-related in the UK. The FSMA’s (Financial Services and Markets Act 2000) argument for creating something so dominating is that this system creates unification which addresses the problems of new technology (MoFo). Finding one awesome solution to the end of what many consider to be the stealing away of their civil liberties would be like solving the age old dilemma of finding the needle in the haystack. There is no one solution that is going to please everybody. Right now, new ideas and bills are being proposed in Congress to find a solution to the USA PATRIOT Act, hoping to help change the already passed legislation. All we American’s can do right now is cherish what civil liberties we still have and hope that the government will continue to have what is considered to be “our best interest” in mind.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the usa patriot act retaliated to the terrorist attacks by drafting and passing the bill with amazing speed and little hesitation.
  • Analyzes how the american library association has taken drastic measures to erase sections devoted to monitoring library activity in the patriot act.
  • Explains that the library, bookseller, and personal records privacy act complies with the governments new restrictions, but sets a limit of its own.
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