The US in Libya

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The United States has troops stationed in Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Turkey, and is currently fighting two wars. Another war is not what this country needs. Within the past few weeks, the United States has taken serious military action in Libya. The goal of the United States is to free the Libyan citizens from the tyrannical rule of Moammar Gadhafi. The United States has taken such actions as imposing a no-fly zone over the Libyan air-fields and removing Libya from the Human Rights Counsel, but recently the United States began firing missiles at Libyan tanks and other military weapons. Did the United States go too far this time? Experts of United States’ Foreign Policy feel that President Obama’s actions, or what is being called the “Obama Doctrine” may have crossed a line with his hasty decision to use military force. Experts of United States’ International Relations fear a decline in the United States influence over other worldly nations will drastically decrease. Also, because of Libyan leader Maommar Gadhafi’s relations with North Korea, the threat of proliferation could cause a massive global stir up. Therefore, if the United States wants to maintain a strong Foreign Policy, it should completely withdrawal all its military presence and all military assistance in Libya.

Starting a war with Libya is not only important for politicians and the military, but it is also important to the students of the University of Illinois. In recent fiscal years for the University, the state of Illinois has increasingly cut the school’s budget, but the reason alone is not because of the recession. Whether you are aware or not, sending troops and military enforcement overseas is very costly, so costly that the United States government has to re...

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