The US and The Political Situation Between Russia, the Ukraine and Crimea

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A recent study was published by CBS News associates that stated 61% of Americans do not think America should become involved in the current political situation between Russia, the Ukraine and Crimea (Dutton et al. pg1). I wish to encourage all Americans that not only should we be concerned about the Ukraine and Crimean situation as it has unfolded, but also how it affects America and the rest of the world financially and how that might threaten the security of other countries the world over.

“Meanwhile, the United States remains the world's largest consumer and importer of oil. This year the United States will import about 60 percent of the oil that it burns, and the U.S. Energy Information Administration expects that foreign dependence will rise to about 70 percent in 2010.” (Victor pg1)

Like many other conflicts before in recent history, what the occupation of Crimea really comes down to is, debt and Oil. Well oil, natural gas and coal to be more precise, oil and gas account for two-fifths of Russian exports and is the worlds top oil producer. Fossil fuels are an abundant source that Russia has been trading to its eastern European neighbors, and to the rest of the world via Ukrainian naval ports for decades. Russia has done this without regulation and its sources can be developed without the constraint of production quotas, safe guards and other fair trade rules and standards as Russia is not a member of OPEC.

“Russian oil firms also made their first shipments to U.S. markets in 2002 -- some of it symbolically purchased as part of the U.S. government's effort to augment its Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). In addition, four Russian oil companies are preparing a large new port in Murmansk as par...

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...r those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”

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  • Quotes dutton, sarah, from cbsnews' "poll: most say u.s. doesn’t have a responsibility in ukraine."
  • Explains that 61% of americans don't think america should be involved in the current political situation between russia, the ukraine and crimea.
  • Analyzes how the pro-russian propaganda machine stirs the pot between the ethnically russian population and the independents and tartar population.
  • Explains umland, andreas, and nadejda m. victor's e-book, axis of oil?
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