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Although the original mission of the United States Secret Services was to control and prevent counterfeit money in the United States after the Civil War in 1865, by 1930 the role of the Secret Service had greatly expanded. Many events occurred during that period that led the Secret Service to expand to enforce the laws whether it includes protecting money, protecting the President, or investigating on the frauds and groups that are dangerous to the people of America. Driving forces and trends impacted Secret Service mission and support operations over the many years.

The Secret Service was officially created by President Abraham Lincoln on July 5, 1865. The Secret Service headquarters was created in Washington D.C. The headquarters later relocated to New York City but moved back. The Secretary of the Treasury Hugh McCulloch chose William Wood, which was widely known for his heroism during the Civil War, as the first chief. His first year was very successful. Chief Wood closed more than 200 counterfeiting plants. Unfortunately, the same day President Lincoln established the Secret Service he was assassinated. As the country mourned about the news, Congress thought that it should add Presidential Protection to the list of duties that the Secret Services perform. However they did not follow this thought until two more dismaying events in history. During the year of 1867, the Secret Service broadened its responsibilities and included “ detecting persons perpetuating frauds against the government.” This meant that the Secret Service would investigate many cases unrelated to counterfeiting. These cases incorporated the Klu Klux Klan, Teapot Dome oil scandals, smugglers, mail robbers, land frauds, and counter espionage activity during...

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...signments in both of these areas. Their many investigative responsibilities include counterfeiting, forgery, and financial crimes. In addition to protecting the President, the Vice President, and their immediate families, agents also provide protection for foreign heads of state and heads of government visiting the United States.

With the ever-increasing use of technology in criminal activities, the Secret Service is continuously updating its technological resources and expertise. Without continuous technical upgrading and training, the criminal component may obtain an advantage in the fast growing area of high-tech crime. Technological expertise also is essential as the Secret Service seeks out new technologies that can be used in counter-terrorism methods. The secret service is a known organization to protect and inflict the laws has increased over the early years.

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