The US Healthcare Crisis

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Every year a citizen that is employed or non-employed suffers from not having proper healthcare coverage. In most developed nations they have universal coverage that covers their citizens and their families. Apparently here in the U.S, healthcare is a controversial problem for our economy and even a bigger problem funding these benefits for our citizens. Now the main question that citizens are asking is "If most developed nations have universal coverage, why doesn't the wealthiest nation which is the U.S have it?" (Ponnuru)This is an issue that no one but the government can let us know what's really going on at the moment, but results are always popping up as misguided quest or funds being lost. Healthcare needs to step up their game because time is really being wasted.

Half of the 50 million people in the U.S are currently uninsured. The new healthcare laws were intended to expand health insurance coverage, but one trade association warned that it will end of driving 60 million manufacturing workers out of coverage supplied by their employers over the next decade unless it was fixed before that occurs.(Newton-Small). Companies offered health coverage to their employers but certain laws prevented them from giving some benefits, forcing them into something that is called a one sized fit's all system. Basically like a waiting list. The problem with the one sized fit all system is that healthcare is just simply too large and complexed to manage at a government level. This is a system the government created that they cannot fix. The charge of Obama care would dump 60 million workers into the laws state and federal insurance exchanges which lead to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). With the economy down, the ACA is far from being aff...

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...r the following year .According to Forbes , the government will spend $ 2 trillion to expand the traditional insurance coverage to about 30 million uninsured .The government for its part says that by repricing program for the insurance market , the Affordable Care Act has already saved consumers approximately one billion dollars.

The disturbance of knowing that you are a hardworker and not getting proper health benefits is a big issue. You never know when something is going to happen to you or even family memebers. Not having health insurance is a scary thing and people who are working and paying taxes should be able to be under a universal coverage. If universal health coverage is in countries that are not as wealthy as us, we should be having the best coverage because of funds for the best. All this extra money that is being wasted is not helping the people.
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