Understanding the American Constitution: Origin and Framework

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One of the most unique and vital features of the American government is the establishment of a constitution. This constitution is a result of the fear of tyranny and the idea of rights that are unable to be infringed upon. The Constitution of America became the base of all law and decisions made in court. It gives us the ability to propose and pass laws, who can sit in power, what states can and can’t do under the supremacy clause, disburse funds, etc. In order to truly understand how the constitution can be implicated and interpreted, it is important to understand where it came from, and what Article One of the constitution states about governmental organization, and the Legislative branch. If one is to understand how the government functions, …show more content…

It also shows the special function of the House of Representatives. Only the House of Representatives is allowed to propose bills that raise revenue. Article 7 also instills the idea of getting presidential approval on all bills that have passed both the senate and the House of Representatives. If the president vetoes a bill, the bill will go back with suggestions on how to make it better. After the edits from the president, there is another vote. A 2/3rd vote is needed to pass the bill into law (US Const. art I. sec VII). The idea of representation was critical throughout the constitution. This can easily be seen in Article one section VIII. Section VIII states the powers that congress has. Some of the powers that congress has are as follows: collect taxes, borrow money, regular commerce, declare war, and maintain an army and a navy (Ginsberg 51). These powers are vast, but well-regulated with the intention of being checked by the House. The idea of expressed power was granted to congress and to the president with the establishment of this section (Ginsberg 51) this states that taxes are to be uniform throughout all …show more content…

Three important committees in the House of Representatives are: the Ethics Committee, the budget committee, and the Food and Drug Administration. These are all important for the safety of Americans as well. The Food and Drug Administration is set in place to make sure that all Americans are safe in their right to the pursuit of happiness (having access to safe food and medications). The Ethics committee is set in place to ensure and rule on Ethics of people in office. This is important because it ensures that people in office are held to the same standard as others. The budget committee is in charge of overseeing the federal budget, which is a big deal

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the constitution of america is a result of the fear of tyranny and the idea of rights that are unable to be infringed upon.
  • Explains that article one of the constitution focuses on constitutional organization, presidential matters, and the legislative branch. it sets in place a system of passing laws due to the popular majority and avoiding tyrannous law making.
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