The U.s. Constitution Divided Powers Between National And State Governments

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The U.S. Constitution divided powers between national and state governments however the definitions left unanswered questions and have allowed federal courts to make create more detailed definitions. Examining the Supreme Court’s decisions in the cases of District of Columbia v Heller, McCullough v Maryland, U.S. v Windsor, and South Dakota v Dole we can see how the federal courts have created more detailed definitions. Looking at the District of Columbia v Heller case, we can see the federal governments reversed a long standing interpretation of the second amendment; the interpretation was the right to bear arms was directly related to weapons used for military service. This case changed the interpretation to; individuals have the right to bear arms. However lower federal courts are still to define the restrictions and guidelines of the Second Amendment. We can see in the Seventh Circuit in Illinois they have prohibited citizens from carrying loaded and immediately accessible guns in public (text, p. 197.) The five who made the decision construed the law which in turn made it dif...
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