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The Two of Us was a black and white movie based on a time of 1968 of a family of Jews that lived in the time of the war. Claude the eight year old child of the family, was the main focus of this movie, he was the troublemaker in the family always giving his parents a hard time. Claude is a Jew who wanted to be like the other kids and be free, his family had been in hiding from the war not wanting be caught during the war. Claude being the troublemaking child, he is he gave his parents a hard time always caught in trouble which always caused them to leave from town to town his father was always ready to discipline him and to explain him why they needed to be safe. The war has gotten so bad Claude parents send him off to leave with their family friend catholic parents for his own safety. Claude had to learn the Our Father, changed his last name to Longuet, and not to allow the parents to see his circumcised penis. Claude played the part of a catholic child perfectly, the family friend 's parents even gave him permission to call them Grandpa and Grandma. Even though he gave them odd behavior about seeing his penis the family accepted him, he had a very strong bond with his grandfather. The grandfather was always willing to give Claude his opinion about the war…show more content…
The scenes that are show are mostly realistic true, so to physical watch it in film is different for me. Throughout the whole film Claude was a happy and behaved child through the war while living with his grandparents. Which I did not think was going to happen, the fact that it sink in to him that this was a serious situation that was happening. I liked the fact that Claude was still defending his religion without it letting be know that he was in fact a Jew. He had such a great bond with his grandparents I wonder what would’ve of happened in the end if his surrogate grandparents found out that he is in fact a

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