The Two Major Causes Of Global Warming

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There are two major reasons of global warming: human factors and natural factors. They can be summarized as follows. The recent surge in population is one of the main factors leading to global warming. At the same time, it is also a serious threat to the balance between the natural environment. So much of the population, only a year of carbon dioxide emissions are staggering figure, the result will be a direct result of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels continue to increase, so the formation of carbon dioxide "greenhouse effect" will directly affect the Earth 's surface climate change . In addition, the increasingly serious air pollution constitutes a major climate issue, it is one of the main factors cause global warming. Now, research…show more content…
As we all known, good vegetative cover can maintain soil erosion. But much deforestation of human has damaged the forests environment in order to obtain timbers. Currently the world average of 20 hectares of forest per minute is destroyed 10 hectares of land desertification, 47,000 tons of soil erosion. Soil erosion decreased soil fertility and water retention, thus reducing the biological productivity of the soil and its ability to maintain productivity; and may cause widespread flooding and storms, causing significant economic losses to society, and deterioration of the ecological environment…show more content…
In AD 800--1200 , annual temperature in the North Atlantic region is now higher than 1 celsius degree, corn planting become possible in Norway. However, in AD 1500-1800, the Western Europe appear small ice age, average temperatures are lower than present only 1-2 celsius degree and caused half of Norway farm abandoned , the Iceland farming activities are almost stopped. In addition, global warming will have a bad effect on the stability and distribution of world food production (Effect of climate change on plant
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