The Two Gentlemen Of Verona Analysis

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What an exciting performance! I really enjoyed the production of The Two Gentlemen of Verona directed by Richard Sweet with music by John Lander. It was introduced at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego, California. The writer of the adaptation is James Winker. The design team includes Elisa Benzon as the costume designer, Kimberly E. Winters as the lightning designer, and Melanie Chen as the sound designer. Nicole Rois is the production stage manager of the performance. I had the opportunity to view the production on November 16th at the Old Globe Theater on Wednesday, November sixteenth.
To begin, the plot of the play is one of love and gentleman moves away from his best friend and falls in love with the Duke’s daughter. The best friend soon
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The stage was a small circle and the audience was circling around the stage. On the stage was a single small bench. I was surprised because I am used to being in a theater that has a stage with numerous props. Once the production started, I immediately realized that the play was character based. It relied on only the characters to tell the story, since there was no props or scenery on the stage besides the bench .This complemented the play because it made the audience pay more attention the dialogue, and it gave the characters meaning. For example, usually the props are what carry the play, but this time since there was hardly any props or scenery, the characters are the ones who gave the play life and meaning. It made the play appear more real and full of life. In my personal experience, I felt a connection the characters and found myself feelings emotions for them, whether it was being angry at them, sad for them, etc. Additionally, the lighting and sound design where done extremely well. There wasn’t too much music in the play, but the small amount there was gave the scene that the music was playing in more emotion. For example, when Proteus starts singing about loving Sylvia, it made the audience feel more heartbreak for Julia, since she was able to hear what Proteus was singing about. I wasn’t familiar with John Kander when I went into the theater, so I could not tell which songs where is. However, I did enjoy the music and the sounds, for example crickets in the background, boats departing, etc. The sounds gave the scenes more life, since there was hardly any props used in the stage. Additionally, the lightning helped create different scenes. For example, when it was night, the lights turned a darkish purple/blue color. When it was morning, the lights where bright, and even sometimes orange. This made the scenes more dramatic, since the audience can see and hear what is going on
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