The Turning Point In My Life

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The Turning Point “I love you.I love you too.” Those are the words I will hear my parents say to eachother every morning. Up until my seventh grade year , my life was pretty close to perfection. My parents would wake my sister up for school. We would wake up early in the morning to pray as a family.After prayer, my Mom will make breakfast. My Dad would gather my sister and I to set the table , then we would eat as a family and day would get started. Dad would go off and drive to work. My Mom would drop my sister and I at school then she would go off to work. Everything slowly started to change once I got to middle school. My Dad didn’t start coming home to till really late. I never really went to sleep. Occasionally, I would look out my window and see my Dad coming home around 2:00 am. I look at the crack between my door and see the disappointment on my Mom face.This went on throughout my sixth grade year. During my seventh grade year, that’s when my…show more content…
I live in a small town and the word gotten out pretty quickly. I guess a person would say my parents were #goals. The biggest surprise to me was how my church recated. Everyone constantly asked me if my sister and I was ok. No one really asked my Mom. Everyone mainly went to my Dad. When my Mom got pregnant, during her sophomore year of college, she moved in with my Dad. So my hometown is basically fill up with my Dad side of relatives. So, when my parents announced they are getting a divorced, everyone assumed that my Mom wanted the divorce. However, it was my Dad who wanted the divorced .My Mom really wanted to work it out and go to therapy. My parents kinda put on a front and said it was a mutual decision, but my sister and I really knew it was my Dad that wanted it. A few of my aunts on my Dad side still considered my Mom as family. During this transition, I often stayed with them a few nights until my parents officially moved out and got their own

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