The Ture College Experience

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College is the stepping stone from High School to the real world. College is intended not only to teach us knowledge, but also to prepare us for the next part of life. Not all college students get this preparation though. Those students are the ones that live at home and commute to school every day. These students miss out on the entire college culture. Being a commuter myself, I almost feel left out. If it were not being in the rigorous architecture program which demands hours and hours of studio work, I probably would not have meet ten percent of the people that I have met. Walking into my design studio for class, I hear people talking about what happened the night before in Goodyear, the freshman dormitory on South Campus. I am always intrigued to know what goes on daily at the dorms. Being as intrigued as I was, I decided to spend one night with my friend to try to get a feel of dorm culture One of the main goals of an architecture program is to teach the future architects to observe well. Now being in this program for only a semester has changed the way I view things. One thing that I noticed, from an architectural standpoint, is that the dorms are probably the poorest designed spaces on any college campus. Even I.M. Pei, one of the best architects in the world, could not design a dormitory that was spacious and efficient. That dorm is none other than the easily navigated Governors Complex. The spacious double rooms are much smaller than my own room. I do not understand how people can survive for long periods of time crammed into a small room with another person without going clinically insane. Fortunately I did not stay in Governors, for if I did I would have spent most of the night trying to find my friend’s dorm room. Instead, I decided to spend the night at Goodyear Dorm with my friend from architecture. Aside from Governors, the Goodyear dorm was fairly easy to find my way around. I was impressed at seeing the double rooms in Goodyear compared to Governors. The rooms were much bigger but still not large enough. Sleeping is another story. The word dormitory was given to this building because it is where people are supposed to sleep. The irony in this situation is that good sleep is not possible in the dorms.

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