The Tsunami

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The tides came crashing through, eliminating everything that came in their way. We were like little ants scurrying around looking for our home, a shelter, anything that would protect us from the savage tide that wanted to wipe us off of the face of the earth. It was too late for the people on the beach; they had already been taken prisoner, drowned forever in their tears of sorrow and fear. It didn’t feel like it would be much longer before I was shackled and chained up as well. I felt like I had been running for hours, I wouldn’t have been able to keep it up for much longer. The tide just kept coming and there was nothing powerful enough to stop it. What about God? What about The Almighty One that I had been praying to for all these years? This would’ve been a great time for Him to make an entrance. I began to feel the water around my ankles. They were trying to clasp me… trying to imprison me for eternity. It felt like it was over for me, time to give up and hand myself in… but for what? I mean I hadn’t done anything wrong and I’ve still got my whole life ahead of me. I wasn’t about to give in just yet, and luckily God just made His entrance. I could hear the tide slowing down behind me, but it wasn’t over yet though. I could see a rising shadow going on for at least two hundred yards ahead of me, I turned around with apprehension and looked it in the eye. It looked back snarling, the blue, translucent wave crashed on top of me. I woke up squinting; the light was penetrating my eye. I stood up and found myself naked in the middle of the Sri Lankan jungle. Was it Sri Lanka? Or was it heaven? Last thing I remember was me knocked ... ... middle of paper ... ... his hands clasped a smoking rifle that was aimed directly at Gander’s head. The guards didn’t know what to do. They were shocked, still holding my hair. I stood up and pushed them aside. All the prisoners, armed with rifles. We stood side by side facing the weak and vulnerable guards. One of the guards reached for his weapon, and then we just started firing. We shot and shot at them until the end of our magazines. We were free, no more Gander, no more guards. The prisoners began to dance and hoololate. “We are free!” One man shouted. I still didn’t feel free… I thought the death of Gander would bring me joy and happiness. I ran to the jungle. Once I got there I just started to run and run some more, in no particular direction, just until the day comes that I may join my parents and my little sister.

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