The Truth behind Identity

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People’s identity is said to be based off of many different things such as were one may live, work, or even whom one may associate with. Yet, this assumption is only partially true. Behind the meaning of identity lie the unconscious prejudice minds of people. We are thought to believe that what people do and who they are as a person, makes up their identity, but true identity comes from their appearance. The ongoing stereotyping in America between whites and blacks is still being ignored by the falsely driven definition that is given the word identity. Identity is what drives individuals of the African American race further away from being recognized for the person that they really are. Instantly, without a spoken word, African Americans are judged off of the pigment of their skin. An example of when African American’s skin tone is automatically negatively profiled is in the article, “Dark-Skinned and Plus Sized”. “Dark-Skinned and Plus Sized”, by Copper, is based on Rachael Jeantel’s witness testimony for the trail of her belated friend Trayvon Martin. The author argues that Racha...
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