The Truth Within a Myth

The Truth Within a Myth

Sir Thomas Malory described a small fraction of the myth surrounding the Holy Grail, in his book, Le Morte D'Arthur. In the "The Sangreal", Sir Malory gives an in depth account of The Knights of the Round Table's quest for the ever famous gilded cup. However, the tale of the Holy Grail does not begin nor end there. Within Christianity the form of the Grail is debatable, and throughout society the truth of the Grail is questionable.

In Le Morte D'Arthur, Sir Thomas Malory describes a quest in which the Knights of the Round Table search and fight for the Holy Grail. This quest is particularly trying. As King Arthur said himself, "My lords… never again shall our complete fellowship be assembled at this castle, for soon you shall depart on the quest of the Holy Grail, from which some of you shall not return" (Baines 364). And many of the knights did not return. They were either to impure or to stricken by the holiness of the object to go on in the physical world. The Grail was said to sit on "an altar covered by a fresh silk cloth, {on this cloth} stood a silver candlestick with six candles all burning. Above, angels were flying; one held a sacred cross, another a brilliant-burning cross" (Baines 422). The Grail itself was not thoroughly explained. To Sir Thomas Malory the Grail was an object that would bring a kingdom together and promote peace. However, religious groups have other perspectives concerning the Grail.

According to the most common Christian interpretations, the Holy Grail is a Chalice that touched Jesus' lips during the Last Supper, and caught His blood while He was being crucified. During the crucifixion "Joseph [of Arimathea] is said to have gathered the blood of the fa...

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... and well being; and all of those factors are similar to the ones that are portrayed by other myths.

Sir Thomas Malory exemplified the most common Grail theme in the Sangreal chapter of his book, Le Morte D'Arthur. However, throughout history the Grail has switched formation and religions various times. Therefore every theory is debatable. The only thing that remains true is that the Grail is something that will bring one closer to the Supreme Being and it takes an ultimate quest to obtain the Grail.


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