The Truth Of Faith And Faith

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“Truth is information which has been clearly proved, or affirmed, or verified… standing firm no matter whether it yields returns or not,” Václav Havel states on his views of truth. Part of faith is trusting in God and standing firm in the faith and church, yet learning about what you affirm when talking about faith. The truth of faith can be confusing and hard to understand in varying points of the Christian faith. Typically, these confusions occur when the truth of faith does not line up with events, actions, or thoughts about what you wanted to believe the nature of the truth of faith is. My belief paper talked about how its hard to always trust that God is there in the hard times as the path you are going on isn’t always what you want, but by relying on God, things can turn around. By trusting in God, the path becomes present. In order to trust in God, one must have a foundation in full faith in the church, trinity, and sacraments. Faith is learned in a church where the Word of God is present. The Church is a visible sign of God as it is a place to reaffirm the beliefs about God, who is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, especially during sacraments. This statement I still believe in after the lecture because that is what the church is called to do. The Nicene creed refers to the church as the one, holy catholic, and apostolic church and when we state this believe, we are saying, “we believe in the Holy Spirit, not the church,” or Credo ecclesia. This is a powerful belief as the church is where we find truth to live out the resurrected Christ with other who believe in the Holy Spirit. Calvin speaks about the church as a place that is faithful to preaching, hearing of the Word, and sharing of sacraments. The Church is responsibl... ... middle of paper ... for God, and learning the truth in the church, bible, and the trinity. Knowing the truth is hard when faith can be a controversial topic, but knowing where the faith came from allows us to stand firm in what we believe in. By trusting in the church to be an accurate witness to Christ, we can learn the messages of the bible. By trusting in the trinity, we know the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we know that the Spirit connects us with the Kingdom of God, and the son is homoousios with the father, and Christ’s actions are one of Gods. And finally, knowing the reason behind the sacraments is to recenter our lives back to Christ allows us to know the truth in God’s grace. By having the foundation in our faith, we are able to know the “fight for truth leads to success or to absolute scorn and to obscurity,” without the fear of being persuaded to believe anything else.
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