The Truth About High Blood Pressure

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High Blood Pressure is major health problem affecting the lives of many people. Most people are not aware of the many causes or solutions of high blood pressure. Causes can range from high sodium diets to high amounts of stress. In modern society, many people live a fast paced lifestyle, which puts them in a position to be more exposed to fast foods loaded with large quantities of sodium and stressful situations within their careers. Having high blood pressure means that there is a strong force of blood pushing against the artery walls throughout the circulation of the body. Blood pressure usually fluctuates from high to low depending on the situation. However, if it stays high consistently it will cause severe health problems (Johnson, L. 2014). According to, in America alone one in every three adults has high blood pressure, which is about 67 million people. This statistic is very alarming because it reveals the amount of people that can potentially suffer from numerous health problems such as heart attack or stroke, due to high blood pressure. Fortunately, there are many solutions to treat or prevent these health problems including healthy diet, exercise, and medication. The developing problem of high blood pressure can be a lethal and silent killer because of the people who might have it, but are not fully aware of the dangerous consequences that comes along with it. If more people do not try to treat or prevent high blood pressure, the outcome will be fatal. People need to be more attentive and educate themselves about high blood pressure and its consequences because it can negatively affect their health. Understanding these concepts are important because it can save many lives and decrease the chance of other related...

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...iguring out the truth about high blood pressure will help people live healthier lives and save many lives as well.

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