The Truth

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The “Truth”

Every thought that ever entered our mind is a consequence of our struggle to reach out for the truth. Since our early age we have been thought to believe that there has to be right and wrong and we continuously searched for the “correct” answer. Unlike school’s multiple choice tests, life thought us that there is more than one correct answer. At one point we learned that some questions don’t have answers at all, or they are way too complex for our mind to understand them. Yet we never stopped struggling to reach out for the ultimate truth. In order for us to become closer to it, we classified the “truth” in many ways. Some of the ways to approach the “truth” are through math and science, art or our personal beliefs that we hold to be the “truth” even though that they vary among individuals.

The “truth” in terms of individual’s opinions, thoughts or interpretations is very unique and personal, therefore, it only holds for that person. What one beliefs to be “right” or the “truth” is found within that person and it only holds for her/him. It can not be proven nor disproved by others because one can never reach into another person’s mind. Faith in God could be seen as examples of what one believes is true. To prove whether a person believes in God or not is impossible, nor the believer could ever prove others the existance of God and his own belief. However, just because the existance of God can not be proven does not mean that God does not exist, for believers it does not need to be proven. They know it is the “truth”. On the contrary atheists believe that God does not exist and that is the “truth” for them. Even though they are minority, their “truth” is not any less valuable. The truth as creation of an individual can also be changed or rejected by him once he no longer believes in it.

Eyes can not be used when one searches for the “truth” because the truth is what one wants it to be. And no human can ever look at the thing objectively. The things that one sees are defined variables and their understanding and interpretation is assigned from the “inside” where the “truth” lies. Different people will have unique comments on the same event because of their biases, yet they are all right because the “truth” holds only for a single person. Even though that things don’t have an importance for us unless we think and analyse them by use ...

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... is “truth” are different. Since all art is subjective its “truth” is subjective too. It varies from one artist to another. Artist don’t tend to make it objective but they see it as a basis of their creativity. By presenting any idea or image, an artist presents the “truth” since that is the way he sees it, hears it, feels it, and understands it. Another artist may present the same idea in a different way yet he can never be “right or wrong” since his views are as “true” as of any other artist.

The “truth” is subjective because it holds for an individual not a group. People tend to see the “truth” as an objectivity and their belief “I see the truth” becomes a fallacy then. This is because opinions could never be the “truth” if the “truth” is defined as an objective since everybody has different opinions. The two ways of knowing are searching for information within yourself and searching the outside world. Scientists use the second way through the use of scientific method, ignoring their inner voice. While artists use both ways, without tendency to make their “truth” objective.

“When you look for truth, do not use your eyes, but look inside yourself, for there lies truth.”
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