The Truman Show Movie Review: The Truman Show

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2762462 Cheryl King English 1301 August 7, 2015 The Truman Show He’s unaware of it, but Truman 's entire life is part of an enormous TV show. Executive producer Christof coordinates The Truman Show, a televised show of Truman’s life shot by secret cameras hidden everywhere in the town. Christof attempts to control Truman’s life, even making his love, Sylvia, disappear from the show and replacing her with Meryl. Truman is honest, and innocent which made him locked behind a life of repetition. In his rebellion of his normal routine he notice that the whole town revolves around his life. He tests his limits by trying to be unpredictable so he can discover the truth about where he is, and how to leave. Truman’s customarily, and comfortable lifestyle…show more content…
The allegory depicts people as sponges, and that they only know as much as they are shown. Moreover portrays that people wherever they discover themselves in, is the present reality paying little heed to their lives only as it presents to them. Throughout Truman’s life all his decision were reflected by the images that were placed in his head. Christof choreograph Truman’s interactions, and all that he has ever known. The movie reflects Plato’s philosophy seeing that Truman represented a prisoner in a cave, he only knew the images that were being fed to him. When he tried to search for the truth, they would try to mislead him from knowing the…show more content…
He was verbally reminded regularly through television, friends, and even family. For example, Truman states, “I get the feeling that the world revolves around me somehow”(Truman Show). Marlon replies “It’s a lot of world for one man[…]Christ, Truman, who hasn’t sat on the John and had an imaginary interview on “Seahaven Tonight”? Who hasn’t wanted to be somebody?”(Truman Show). In this dialogue Marlon tries to push an idea out of Truman’s head. Marlon credibility comes from their friendship, and uses their relationship to advocate ideas to Truman. Marlon was not the only one who tried keeping him contained. When he mentioned to that he wanted to be an explorer his teacher told him that everything has already been explored. The teacher attempted to remove the idea of leaving out of his

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