The True, the Beautiful and the Good

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Choose three authors we have covered this year. Tell how their works exemplify the True, the Beautiful and the Good. Cite your sources. (8-10 Pages)

Three Elements in Romanticism

To start, the concept of romanticism must be introduced, because it has always been the key word throughout this class’ discussions.

During the period between the end of 18th century and 1830s, there were frequent violations going on in European. The darkness in politics and the inequality in society made people feel that the capitalism, which was established after the French Revolution, was far less ideal than what had been depicted by those enlightenment thinkers. People in different social strata, especially intellectuals, were very disappointed with that, trying hard to look for new sustenance for their spirit. This kind of social sentiment was reflected on the field of literary creation, so the movement called romanticism was generated spontaneously.

England was one of the earliest countries where romanticism emerged; those poets were dissatisfied with development of the capitalistic urban civilization, possessing a sort of cynical inclination and the desirability of seclusion. There are three poets, whose works symbolized most characteristics of romanticism: utilizing reality as basis, containing enthusiastic sentences, employing unconstrained imagination, applying exaggerated technique of expression, and conveying aspiration to perfect world; they are William Blake, Samuel Coleridge, and George Byron. In brief, their poems are the best illustration to the essence of the True, the Beautiful and the Good.

William Blake, one of the pioneers of romanticism, made many valuable attempts in literary styles and language usage of English poems. His...

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