The True Villian in Frankenstein

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Mary Shelly wrote the Gothic tale Frankenstein. In the novel, who is

the true villain, the Monster or Victor Frankenstein? Which character

do you have the most sympathy for?

Mary Shelly wrote the novel “Frankenstein” using gothic techniques.

Nearly 200 years after the book was first published in 1818 the

readers still debate about the real villain of the story.

Victor Frankenstein could be the hero of the story; the reader

sympathises with him when he suffers the loss of his mother, his

brother William, wife Elizabeth, his father and friend Clerval. This

extreme suffering that Victor goes through is a characteristic of

romantic heroes. Also as Victor is narrating it emphasises the

suffering that he goes through. We also feel sorry for Victor when he

“had worked hard for nearly two years,” he deprived himself of rest

and health and now that he had finished, “the beauty of the dream

vanished, and breathless horror and disgust,” filled his heart. For

two years Victor slaved to create the monster but at the end the

outcome was disappointing, as creature was ugly. Victor could also be

the hero because he is very admirable as he strives to learn. Also he

tries to stop death which is also very commendable because it would

benefit mankind. As well as that Victor pushes himself to the limit

trying to stop the monster. This is very heroic as the monster could

have easily killed him.

On the other hand the monster could also be the hero because he is

abandoned and is like a child. He educates himself learning to use his

limbs and senses, he also learns to talk and understand speech;

however this makes him more miserable because he learns about love and

family life but he realised that he doesn’t have any of tho...

... middle of paper ... vengeance against Victor.

In conclusion I believe that Victor is the true villain because he

abandons the monster, his child, then is very abusive towards him and

he does all this without even giving the monster a chance. As well as

that he is prejudice towards the monster because of his looks.

However, the monster may have done some bad things but they are

justifiable. He may have killed most of Victor’s friends and family

but he has been rejected so many times that he becomes angry and feels

hurt so he wants people to feel the way he is, so he makes them suffer

so that they too feel his pain. Also when he threatens Victor that he

will, “Glut the maw of death,” he is provoked by Victor who threatens

and insults him first. Therefore I think that Victor is the villain as

the monster is provoked in his actions, however Victor does it out of

free will.

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