The True Definition Of Heroism

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Bill Sarino December 5, 2017 Mrs. Tiernan ELA
The True Definition of Heroism

Oliver Stone once said, “It’s difficult to be a father, to be a mother, and I think that to be a kind and loving parent is an act of heroism”. Anybody could care for a child but parents do twenty-four-seven, non-stop. Being able to look out for that child is what really makes parents heroes. A person dedicated to helping others no matter who or what it is a true Hero. Heroism is the very thought of helping others for nothing in return. A heroism is about living a normal life and just helping others in theirs. Heroes today are caring, leaders, and selfless. Heroes today are always helping others, being leaders and never caring for themselves.
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A hero is not dishonest, a hero never lies and deceives friends and family. A hero is not the kind of person who steals from the needy. A hero does things for others who need it the most. Heroes look out for others and their well being not use people for personal gain. A true hero is selfless, always doing things for others. A real hero is just a person, a person who cares loves and embraces others no matter what. A hero is just a person who does the better for everyone and thing. A hero is not the kind of person to want to be recognized. Today heroes do not want to become famous, heroes just want to be normal people. Oliver Stone explains in Where I find my Heroes that heroism is unrecognized,“Most of what they do goes unheralded, unappreciated. And that, ironically, is heroism: not to be recognized.” (Stone). This quote by Oliver Stone clearly states that heroism goes unrecognized and that is what heroism is all about going unrecognized. Heroism in this is usually overlooked by most people. Heroism is not about becoming famous and a world hero. Heroism is all about just doing the very best for everyone. Even if heroes are never really appreciated it is good the world has people that risk everything for
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