The Trojan War

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Today Troy stands tall as one of the world’s most beautiful ancient cities, and its fragile ruins date back to its early beginnings. Troy was involved in a very bloody war, and still survived to be crowned with its history of the famous Trojan War. This glowing stronghold contains many secrets, and much information yet to be revealed to curious minds today. However, being lost to the Greeks, and losing the grand city of Troy, The Trojan War was forever known as one of the most famous and magnificent wars of all time because of the queen of Greece Helen, and her god-like beauty, which soon started the war, the raging battle taking place in the elegant city, the bold and noble warriors who fought in the destructive skirmishes, and the time known as the Bronze Age, being introduced after the bloodshed was seized.
To begin, the one true reason the Trojan War began is because of the astonishing queen named Helen, whose angelic loveliness sparked the tension between Troy and Greece. Helen was the queen of the Greek city-state Sparta, married to King Menelaeus. In Heinrich Schliemann’s book “The Search for Troy” he announced that “Helen was considered to be the most gorgeous mortal in the entire world” (Schliemann 36). Her godly looks were adored all around, but one man was jealous of Greece having such a beautiful queen, and wanted her all to himself. The mighty prince, known to be the prince of Troy, named Paris had traveled to Sparta and kidnapped Helen, and returned to Troy along with her; little did he know that soon his dreadful decision would foreshadow the future of Troy and its citizens. Once the Greeks had discovered that their beloved jewel was missing, and had found where she had been taken to, the Greeks immediately launc...

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...e wooden horse to be given to the Trojans as a gift for a “peace offering”. Once the Trojans brought their gift beyond their walls, Odysseus and his men ambushed the Trojans and killed them all, ending the Bronze Age.
Being noticed around the world, the Trojan War is known as the most legendary of all time because of the astounding queen Helen, the bloody war beginning in the rich and glowing city, the unstoppable soldiers who bravely fought in the war, and the great time called the Bronze Age being brought into action after the war had ended. The Trojan War will go down as one of history’s greatest battles, and its stories and legends will be told to many generations to come. Today, we still see the Trojan War as a significant event that will never be forgotten, and this idea will continue to flow throughout history when told to ones learning about the epic fray.
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