The Trigger

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Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating, and eating disorders not otherwise specified are common eating disorders found among young women in the United States. “Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are common disorders found in nearly 10% of young women.” (Treasure) and are the two most common disorders. People who aren’t consumed by these terrible diseases do not understand, and I’m afraid never quite will, how these people feel. They are obsessed with the things they aren’t but want to be, or obsessed of becoming something they fear . When we think of eating disorders, anorexia is the most common one we think of, starvation to the point of being literal skin and bones, but this is not the only eating disorder. How does one get to the point of an Eating Disorder? There are many causes of eating disorders, but what is really to blame? Men are not excused from these disorders, although they are definitely more common in women. There have been many discussions over what triggers young girls and women to put themselves in this predicament, weather media and social stand points are to blame or weather its merely just a mental and physical disease. It is true that eating disorders are a disease, and media, society, culture are not the only thing to blame, but media and our surroundings influence the way we think weather we realize it or not. This often causes people to do these harmful things to themselves. The internet can be a very scary place, not only in the world of eating disorders, but just in general. There is an overwhelming amount of information, social networking, and advertisement and if viewed the wrong way it can be harmful, like Pro-Ana websites. “Pro-Ana groups, as they are now called, are groups of anorexic people who believe that anorexia in not an eating disorder but a choice of lifestyle”. (Kiesbye) “For the women who create and follow
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