"The Trial by existence"

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Throughout all of Frost poem he is shown to explain the way of human life in one way or another. In this poem of “ The Trial By existence” he speakes on the human life of bravery, fear, and paradise. Life is filled with many adventures. Throughout this poem one main lesson that could be learn is go out and face your fears no matter what the reward is.
Paradise is something everybody hopes for in life. Paradise is a place where you can relax, have luxury and be stress free. There are 2 main types of paradise, mentally and physically. On earth no place can really be paradise, it is all chaos and out of order wherever you may be. It may seem like paradise if you are on vacation but when you snap back to reality it will go back to chaos and nonsense. Mentally paradise would be something like going into heaven. When your soul leaves earth and goes up. The whole second stanza talks of some of the goodness in heaven. The physical paradise would be you on a vacation. Your body is somewhere, your relaxing not stressing or worrying about anything.
When you are in heaven it is said to be perfect. Streets of gold, no evil, and nothing but love. When your soul goes to heaven that represents the mental paradise that you are now in. In the mental paradise, nothing can happen to your body
The physical paradise that everybody use to have is earth. God made it a way for everyone to enjoy. People have came and destroyed it leaving humans without a place to call a physical paradise. A beach trip, or trip out of town is what most people think is a paradise relaxation trip. When in reality nobody has really been to a place of paradise where things are perfect.
When you get to heaven, you do not think of the rewards. You think of the happiness that ...

... middle of paper ... filled with streets of gold and no pain or suffering. Line 61 shows a item of gold that comes from heaven by God almighty. Paradise is not a place you can up a go to, you have to live and work your way to get there.
The speaker creates the image of fear in lines 49-51. The agony god can put on you can be physically or mentally and at the end of the day, God gets the ending word. Doing wrong can allow him to make you suffer. Line 70 also shows fear, because stripping a man of their pride can take away their joy.
Throughout this poem of “The Trial by existence” many life lessons are learned. One is to go out and face your fears in hope of building up confidence for another fear. After facing your fear no matter what the reward may be. Show the valor to stand up and conquer it. Then live your life with no fear to eventually get the big reward of paradise of heaven.
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