The Trend Of Investment Of China

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The research topic is ‘The trend of investment in China’. And this research project question is ‘why investment has become to a trend in China’. Because of the development of technology and a growing economy in the past decades, Chinese people have extra money and the ability to invest more (HAO, 2006). There are three hypothesizes for this question. One is the impact of China’s technological development on the way people handle their finances, which offers convenient ways to do investment. The other is that China’s growing economy, which makes Chinese people wealthy, and has attracted increasing numbers of investors who are office workers, retiree and university students. The last one is that people tend to invest for various reason. For example, it makes Chinese people gain economic security, also affects social benefits and builds networking platforms. To test these hypothesizes, the information and different kinds of books on the authority websites and Carleton University’s online library which used in this essay. The article is aimed at the people in China who want to make financial investments and practitioners in the financial industry.
Data was collected from the Carleton University library and authority websites on the internet. The MacOdrum library is a good method because it provides numbers of complete and reliable academic books and news articles. Besides, some comments on social applications, such as Wechat, QQ and microblog, which represent the idea of the public. In addition to that, the online dictionary also helpful to the research project, because it could provide some specialized vocabularies’ explanations, which makes the article easy to understand.
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...nce material of this article is limited, and cannot be discussed ‘why investment has become to a trend in China’ in depth.
In conclusion, with the development of technology and economy, investment has already been a mature industry in China. Because of the increasing price level, in order to reduce the economic pressure, people have realized that their currency can be protected and even appreciated by investing. This is the biggest reason for the popularity of investment in China. For the country, if the public keeps less currency, the inflation rate probably decrease, because a low inflation rate could ensure a high living quantity. It has a significant meaning to do a study about the investment trend in China, because previous studies are one-sided, only discuss investment trend in China from the behavioral science or economic and technological aspects.
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