The Treaty That Started it All

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Plan of Investigation The purpose of this investigation is to answer, “How the Treaty of Versailles contributed to World War II?” This investigation will reveal an understanding of the start of the Treaty of Versailles. This topic is significant because people need to know that if the Treaty of Versailles was not so harsh then we might not have had a World War II. When World War II occurred, Germany revolted against the laws and sanctions upheld by the allied forces under the Treaty of Versailles, portraying that the Treaty was unfair and harsh on Germany. The research for this investigation is derived from the Treaty of Versailles and other historical documents. Summary of Evidence Life before the Treaty of Versailles was great in Germany, they had everything, power and land. Nothing was going to stop Germany until the Allied Powers created the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles was an armistice with Germany and its purpose was to prevent another World War from occurring. The Allied Powers, France, Italy, Russia, Japan and the United States, was an alliance that was created to fight against the Central Powers. The Allied Powers assumed that the Treaty would have stifled Germany, so that World War 1 would never of occurred again. But, “The effects of the Treaty of Versailles weakened Germany’s government, and this allowed the rise of Fascism and Hitler.” (Grimshaw) Evidence shows that if the Allied Powers were a little kinder than the rise of Fascism would not have arisen. The Treaty of Versailles was signed on “June 28, 1919 in the Hall of Mirrors”, which is in Versailles, France. (Slavicek 73) Versailles, France is where “Otto von Bismarck had celebrated the French defeat in 1871 by proclaiming a German Empire.” ... ... middle of paper ... ...nce of World War II and the rise of Fascism and Adolf Hitler. Conclusion The Treaty of Versailles was a key contributor to World War II, The Allied Powers were unjust to the Germans and this also led to the rise of Fascism and Hitler. The treaty did not cause the war it was just an influence. There are many bias sources in researching about The Treaty of Versailles; a lot of them are Germans and this contradicts the information because the whole story is one-sided, and this alters the outcome because the information is only being told from the German point of view. Another reason why the outcome could be invalid is because there was no other side of the story; all of the sources were from the German point of view. Even though there are missing pieces in this investigation, one thing is certain The Treaty of Versailles was unjust, and an act of revenge on Germany.
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