The Treatment Of Breast Cancer

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Out of every hundred women who are diagnosed with breast cancer only one man has breast cancer which is why this paper will concentrate on the disease process in women. This is due to the more than a hundred types of cancer that have been discovered in this century the enormous medical efforts being made to fight all kinds of cancers all over the world. Doctors are now becoming more aware of the causes of these diseases. By learning how the diseases can be treated, they are discovering what can be done to prevent them. Breast cancer remains one of the major concerns in the medical field, mainly because it has many forms and strikes a large number of women. A cancer is a disease that is characterized by “controlled growth and spread of abnormal cells” (Laino). When such a growth takes place, the cancer cells form a tumor from which cells will invade the neighboring tissues and organs. Some of these cells may even travel through the blood or use other means to attack additional organs and tissues in the body (Laino). In the past forty years, nine million people developed cancers, and today, there are more than twelve million people in the United States receiving cancer treatment. More than half a million people die of cancer every year. The first symptoms of breast cancer are usually an area of thickened tissue in the woman 's breast, or a lump. Many doctors believe that breast cancer is heredity. However, only fifteen to twenty percent of all women who have breast cancer histories in their families also have breast cancers. Furthermore, a gene known as p53, which is directly responsible for causing breast cancer, has been found in extremely rare cases. In the families in which this gene existed, the risk of contracting breast canc... ... middle of paper ... with great distress and a feeling of loss and disablement, shown in figure 15.1(Cook & Dresser 171). In the past, women who underwent mastectomy suffered seriously because of the physical distortion of their bodies after the surgery (Runowicz & Haupt 69). Today, however, plastic surgery has developed in such a way that it has become part of the treatment. Many insurance companies also cover facial reconstruction surgery expenses if they result from an accident or another surgery. Today thousands of women all over the world now have the chance to live a normal life after they receive a successful treatment. Yet, breast cancer remains one of the leading causes of death among women, and even if the death rates have been declining in the past few years, women should continuously test for breast cancer because detecting the disease at a very early stage is essential.

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